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RediSet Rod Holders


"I'll tell ya what...I used those RediSet's twice now and am sold on 'em. I got three of my buddies on 'em, too. You can sure see a bite real good and a real quick rod set. No more dragging the weight around either. My friends have been on the fish and are really happy with the whole set-up.

I can't say enough good stuff about your product. You got me hooked. Thanks for your great, lightening-fast service, too."

Gary Donaghue, aka G-whiz


"I personally don't like the Balance Beams. Your rod tips are too far apart with them. Your reel is upside down and they work your butt off trying to keep them balanced. A wave from another boat comes and knocks your rod on the floor and you start all over again.

I like Quick Draws and Buoy 33's rod holders. His idea is the best to come along in a long time. I just tell you my preference. You use whatever you feel comfortable with."

Rich Tipton, aka SturgeonKing, former owner of LuckyStrike


"Without a doubt, the only way to go!"

Kurt Anderson, aka Mytmouse


"I started with the balance beam set up for my first year of sturgeon fishing and thought it was the best think ever...until I bought a Buoy 33 RediSet. It is the way to go for sturgeon fishing and any other bait fishing....that's my $.02."

Jason Harper, aka Leather_head


"Saw these on line and was a little apprehensive to purchase without seeing them first. Saw them at the Sacramento ISE show and purchased 2 for the fish-on mounts and went the next day for sturgeon. I was very impressed. Did a great job keeping the line tight and there was a great sense of security knowing that the rod would not go flying out of the boat if a big Striper took the bait and ran. I am now ordering 2 more for my boat and 4 for my friends houseboat. Will be hard not to use them now.

Attached [click here] is a picture of our prize that we got the first day we used this product.

Thanks for a Great Product."

David Dial - Oakley, CA


"Yes...I did use the [the quick-draw style holder]. The biggest thing I didn't like about them was that they would not rotate as the boat moved or turned. The RediSets do this, as well as provide a means of setting the hook directly from the holder. The second issue with [the quick-draw style holders] was that they limited me, as well as clients, to only being able to use rods with smaller handle wraps. Again, the RediSets don't have that kind of problem.

Might even want to consider them for trolling. They are great for bait fishing for stripers. I have tried to get my rod out of the [quick-draw style] holder and even my fat butt can't pull one of them out of the holder, which is why I chose the RediSets over a balance beam or bar...but that is just my personal preference."

"The RediSets are great. Far better than balancers..you see a lot more bites with them than you do with balancers. They work great in the wind or chop.

With the RediSets, you don't have rods sitting on the floor, getting in the way when fighting other fish.

Just my two cents!!"

Kevin Yost, aka LuckyStrikeII, Captain LuckyStrikeII - Top Delta Charter Boat Captain --- www.luckystrikefishing.com


"Got to use the Buoy 33 Rod Holders.  They are awesome!"

"Thanks again for the RediSet.  The 49" fish came off that rod.  It was real nice not to worry about a rod holder when setting the hook....we all know that is the most important thing when dyno fishing"

Jeremy Kangas, aka FishinSturgeon, Captain - Stickem

"I have been using your RediSet Rod Holders for the past month now, and have experienced a measurable increase in my sturgeon hook-ups. I like the ease at which the rod releases from the holder. Being able to set the hook in one motion resulted in more bent rods and tight lines. It definitely helps detect the bite. A very well engineered product!!!"
Lou Koch,  aka Lingcod Lou,  San Francisco Bay Area Fisherman
  "The RediSet allows for very quick access to your rod on a bite where you don?t have to fiddle with trying to get it out of the rod holder.? The idea of making the [adapter] piece ?universal? to all the regular rod holders was ingenious!? I love it!!!"

Carolyn, aka Fysh n' Chyck
  "Well, I went out on Sunday with Buoy 33 and one of his buddies for some sturgies and got to test my old balancers with Buoy 33's rod holders. We got a little wind kicking up, so I had an opportunity to test them both in no wind and medium wind (20 mph) with the boat rocking and at slack tide and full ripping tide. I would have to say that Buoy 33's rig is the best I have run across, in fact, during the slack tide with the wind pushing us all over, one of the guys actually hooked and pulled in a very small shaker sturgeon that had been chomping off our baits. On my rod balancer, I couldn't see the bites, but on their rod holders, I could see the bites from the other side of the boat. I was sold on them, you guys might want to check them out, they rock (even when the boat is rocking too ) I immediately realized that these will work great for trolling for salmon or anchored up with kwikfish. Can't wait to give that a try. I will have one or two at the sturgeonfest if anyone wants to see one. I am not trying to sell anyone anything, but I do appreciate a good invention when I see one."

"The balance in the wind was killing me, while I couldn't detect a bite, they could, that was the reason I considered it better than my balance holders. I liked the idea that they could yank the rod back in Bill Dance fashion much better than I could as well."

James Brock, San Francisco Bay Area Fisherman